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Welcome To Bubble Organic

Bubble organic health mix is a nutritious blend of cereals, millets and pulses, and has no added sugar. The combination of cereals and pulses ensures your body gets the right protein profile. This health mix powder is a source of protein, dietary fiber, iron and B vitamins. 100% natural, Bubble Organic health mix is made with whole grains, thus retaining all goodness of nature’s bounty. An ideal breakfast food, Bubble organic health mix is packed with health benefits. Suitable for the whole family, the dietary fiber keeps the digestive system happy, and the iron from the natural sources is good for the blood, brain, muscles and immune system.

Our Specialities

Additive-less Products

We believe in making 100% natural and 0% additive-less products

Natural Source

Breakfast porridge is a natural source of iron and muchmore

Natural Health Mix

All natural health mix is suggested to be used twice a day for prudent results

100% Natural

The greatest source of energy for humans.100% natural