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Organic Kodo Millet

Organic Kodo Millet / வரகு

110.00 / 500gms

About the product

Millets are group of highly valuable small seeded grasses, it cereal crops. It is ancient food filled up with good sources of vitamins’ and minerals’ which is highly necessary for our healthy life. It is rich in dietary fiber both soluble and insoluble. It acts as prebiotic. It is the best source for diet eaters, it leads a healthy lifestyle.


How to use

Millets can be consumed as rice with both vegetarian and non vegetarian curry. Commonly people used porridge form, both direct grain and also in roasted crushed powder bases. Web batter can be used for make some kind of recipe like Idly, Dosa, Upma, Pongal, Khichdi etc., variety rice’s like curd, lemon are also made. Millet flour used to make fiber rich chapatti, roti, etc. It should be rinse well before cooking, soaked millets cooks faster.


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